Whether you are interested in a stately home with a view of the lake, a Hill Country hideaway, or a charming dream house that incorporates all of your favorite design elements, we can build exactly what you want. Take a peek inside some of the homes we have built that currently are available.


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Hear what our clients say

You know how people joke about hating their home builder? We don’t get it. See how our clients gush about the wonderful experience of building their home with us.


We’re from Lake Travis

Chris has been a proud LT resident for more than 35 years. We are proud to see our clients every day at our children’s schools, local restaurants, Friday-night football games and out on the lake. We build each house knowing that we will know it’s owners for years to come. We are truly blessed to live in such an amazing community and we don’t take it for granted. We love Lake Travis and build each house with the idea of improving the community.

We get messy

Because we’re on the job site every day and doing real work, you won’t find us in a starched white shirt tucked into our fanciest jeans. We’re doing real work, getting dirty and paying attention to all the little things that make a big difference to our clients.

Ask our banker about us

Our banker consistently tells us that we have one the best reputations for financial stability among builders. When we build a house, the banker knows it will appraise well, and we’ve never missed a bank or vendor payment … which is something that a lot of builders can’t say. And our clients have been known to get some sweet deals from our lender.

We’re an ‘ABJ Top 10 Builder’

We don’t apply for a lot of awards because we’re too busy building houses. But the Austin Business Journal has named us one of Austin’s Top 10 Builders for three consecutive years. We’re excited and proud of that.


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