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Chris is the glue that holds it together

At the end of a project, our clients say that builder Chris Cokins is the reason they chose to work with us. He always puts the clients’ interests ahead of his own.

You won’t find us behind a desk

We don’t wear jeans and nice white shirts because we’re out there working on the job site every day. The contractors like it when the builder is on the job site working, especially when it’s over 100 degrees. There’s a lot of mutual respect.

We don’t focus on awards

We don’t spend a lot of time applying for awards, but we’re proud to say that among the hundreds of Austin builders, we’ve been named an Austin Business Journal Top 10 Builder for five consecutive years.

Great superintendents

The C&A superintendents have worked for some of the top builders in Austin, but they came to C&A because they believe in what we do. As some know, the builder industry has a nefarious reputation. Our superintendents came here because they wanted to be part of a company that treats its clients with honesty.


Every builder should be prepared to answer thesE questions
Are you on the job site daily?

We don’t wear jeans and starched shirts because we are out on the job site doing the work every day. We’re building houses … we don’t just watch other people work. Our contractors like it when the builder is out there working alongside them, especially when it’s over 100 degrees.

Do you live where you build?

We live here in the Lake Travis area, in the same neighborhood in which we build. Our clients’ kids go to school with our kids, and we regularly see our clients at soccer games and at the grocery store. We’ve been here a long time and we’re not going anywhere.

How much do you spend on office space? On marketing
We don’t spend a lot of money on fancy offices, or expensive trucks and marketing. We would rather use that money to build more cost-effective homes and give the value back to our clients.
Do you negotiate pricing with vendors?
We really do offer some of the best prices among our peers. We have long-term relationships with our suppliers, and we research pricing to get the best prices among Austin builders. Chris is loyal to his suppliers, he does his homework, and he negotiates the best pricing for his clients.
Does anyone recognize you as a top builder?
We typically don’t apply for awards because frankly we’re too busy. But the Austin Business Journal has named us a “Top 10 Builder” for three consecutive years. Ultimately, the only recognition that really matters is the referral. Almost 100 percent of our custom clients are referred by someone who had C&A build their home, or they bought one in a resale, or they watched us building a home in their neighborhood.
Do you support local businesses?
Whenever possible, we use local bankers, contractors, superintendents, and vendors. We work hard to support the community. And given the opportunity, we will choose a small Mom & Pop over a Big Box company.
What does your banker say about you?
We love this question because our banker says that when it comes to financial stability, we are the strongest builder they know. Our banker knows that when we build a house, it will appraise well. And we’ve never missed a bank or a vendor payment, which is something that a lot of builders can’t say. Also, we don’t take many draws during the construction process, which reduces the amount of interest our clients pay and the inspection fees banks charge.
What do realtors say about you?
Realtors around town know that when it comes to custom houses and consistent quality, we’re at the top. Realtors show our houses and consistently say that they are the best quality they have seen. Ask your realtor about C&A Builders and they will tell you that a C&A home has excellent resale value. People make money selling our homes because the quality stands out.
What kind of warranties do you offer?
It rarely happens that one of our clients calls us with a warranty issue, but we live in the neighborhood and we almost always respond within a day. Also, we don’t sell our warranties to a third party, because nobody will ever know the house like we do.
What do your clients say about you?
Clients at the end of the project say that Chris protected them throughout the process. He protects their budget, protects them from themselves on making ineffective choices, protects them from vendors that try to sell things they don’t need. He is on your side. He protects his clients’ interests before his own. Our clients say that Chris acts as if every house is his own personal home, and that couldn’t make us more proud.