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Chris knows when something will work and when it won’t and that saves a lot of cost and headaches. The best extras are their knowledge and experience. They are prompt exact with all information and details. I never came to the construction site 10 times during the entire process. Now almost five years later our home looks new and we have had little to no issues the entire time.

Chris knows his business. He knows the best vendors by category to go to for the fairest price and best job. His experience building luxurious homes shows at every turn. Vendors respond to clients that pay well and are fair to deal with. We heard this over and over from the vendors that C&A used!

C&A not only exceeded our expectation during the entire construction process but afterwards as well. From Chris you will learn the meaning of “trusting your builder.” They provided first class results, and then some with some of the finest subcontractors we have ever seen. Chris knows who can do what you need done and who can’t … every step of the way.

Everything Chris did during the entire project was special. I believe looking back that Chris and Amber are special and it projects throughout their whole company. We love our home and remain just as excited today as the day we moved in. Not only have we referred C&A to friends but are continually on the lookout for people that are looking for that “just right” contractor … to refer them to C&A Builders.