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I love that Chris was always thinking out of the box, thinking of ways to enhance our home design to make it more livable. An example was, when we were framing, he walked my into my pantry, showed me the actual usable space, and made me realize it was not functionally designed. He wound up moving a wall over, which allowed for a very functional pantry space, but also allowed us to barrel our entry ceiling and still have adequate room in our dining room.

Any time I had a concern, question or needed input, Chris was right there. And that continues 2 years later. Chris was never shy about making sure we did not get taken advantage of by any of the contractors that he brought on board. Chris, Christian, Jeff and Jody were at our home all the time, constantly making sure the contractors were doing things appropriately. And Chris treated us as family first, clients second. He helped us create a home that lives well and aesthetically just makes me smile.

We love how it looks, but the important thing is it lives as we hoped it would.