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I was expecting a customized finished product, but I was blown away by the professionalism and amount of care that went into every detail of our project. I knew everything that was going on at all times. Any minor or major changes were always discussed and well thought out with rational minds and communication.

It is evident that Chris has a solid relationship with his vendors. They drop everything to come and work on his projects and treat Chris with extreme respect. Chris honors and respects his vendors, which creates a phenomenal working relationship. There were times when I would call one of the guys after hours, and they would jump to make me feel better or solve the issue. I never felt like an issue would go unresolved. The entire team was always willing and able to help. To see three grown men stare at a light fixture that would not straight was comical.

Chris and his team take great pride in their work. They do not settle for anything but the best and treat every customer like family!