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We were a little troubled about the prospect of building a custom home. Over the years we had heard more than a few horror stories. We were pleasantly surprised when we first met with Chris Cokins. He recommended that we get several bids from other builders. He only asked that we compare apples to apples. We did get 4 other bids and were so impressed with Chris that we decided on C+A Builders. We never once second guessed our decision. Chris and his team made our experience flow seamlessly.

Our dialog with Chris and his team was simplified due to the interactive website. We always knew our wishes and concerns were being addressed in a timely manner. We were apprised of the dates that our selections were due well in advance and given great feedback about our decisions.

We love our home. We were so happy with the outcome. Not only is it beautiful but having seen the process know that it is structurally superior.