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I expected that a builder would be involved in the project, but did not expect that he would take ownership of the project. Chris built our house as if he was building it for himself. They helped us save money every chance they had. They advised us on where to spend the money, where to save it. Chris and his team represented our best interest throughout the project, no doubt.

This was our first time to build, so we had many questions, and often did not have answers to the questions that were asked of us. Chris and his team had incredible patience for all of our questions, and helped us make appropriate decisions. WWCCD is a term I developed as a default answer to questions I couldn’t answer. That stands for “what would Chris Cokins do?” He never steered us wrong.

This was our first time to build. We were warned that building a house is equivalent in stress level to getting a divorce. Not the case, not with C&A. I think the highest reference you can get is repeat business. If we were to build again, it would be w/ C&A, no doubt.